Precision Makers | Automatically the best

Precision Makers is probably the first company in the world to specialize fully in the automation of the vegetation management sectors. Precision Makers supplies a wide range of solutions for professionals in the agricultural and horticultural sectors: greenbots, robot packages, measuring and control systems, and GPS products. Our membership of the successful Dutch Power Company (DPC) group gives us plenty of room for innovation and expansion.

Precision Makers is a logical next step in the mechanization of the vegetation management sector. We strive to automate all tasks and, as a result, reduce the labour demand. We put the machines to work, a goal in which we are one step ahead of the rest.



Industrieweg 18, 4283 GZ, Giessen
Postal address: PO Box 55, 4286 ZH, Almkerk
The Netherlands

Telephone: (+31) 0183 447276
Fax: (+31) 0183 447270

Chamber of Commerce:: 61905062
VAT: NL8078.50.676.B.01